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Our platform uses Vision AI with deep learning. The work of daily "training" of existing models while we further develop new models is what drives us forward.
We have created a complete solution that includes so much more than pure advertising in stores.

How it works

Simply described, it means that we have given our monitors eyes that can identify target groups and movement behaviours with deep learning. We then use AI technology to select or create the message that is most relevant to the target group in front of the screen.

Select your target group

Do you only want to reach women aged 40-50 with your product, or do you only want to reach men aged 25-35 when the sun is shining? No problem, you also don't have to pay for the others who are not part of your target group.

Target Group

We do not identify any person. But we can see if it is a man or a woman as well as the age category. If the consumer shop with a basket or cart, shopping as a family or alone? Factors that are decisive for certain products.

We can of course exclude the store's staff if you so wish.

External Factors

We believe that it is more difficult to sell suncream when it is raining outside or warm clothes when it is warm and sunny outside. Therefore, you can choose these factors when building your target group.

Contact Cost

We think it's reasonable that you only pay for those you want to reach. You can of course enter a maximum budget that you want to spend on your target group.

Trim your message

Your product may be aimed specifically at a target group such as men between 18-60 years of age. The traditional thing then is that your advertisement is directed and created towards that particular target group.

But with a customised message, you can market the same product to additional target groups. For example, women who buy your product for their husbands.

Data is the new gold! 

Most competitors can statistically present how many people you can "probably" reach with your campaign at any given time.
We deliver a goldmine of real facts after each campaign, for example gender distribution, age distribution, but also when and how they shopped.

We can offer an API into the business system that measures sales in real time against the advertising.


Our system does not save any personal data. The system only categorizes characteristics into specific target groups, for example, gender and age. However, if you want to use the full functionality that the platform offers, such as face recognition, there are boundaries for when this is allowed and not.

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We would like to hear about your challenges and see if we can simplify your everyday life with our technology!
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