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Our Business model   

Our customers don't pay for the platform, ads do.

We see stores as a new attractive media channel that will probably grow significantly in the coming years. We see our mission as creating better business opportunities for our customers, which is why we go further than just ad sales with our features..

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    80% of the purchase decision takes place close to the purchase

    Focus on the items on the shelf near the screen. Adapt the message to your target group and follow up the results on an ongoing basis.

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    External advertisers

    From well-known brands, a new revenue stream can be generated when the store receives a percentage of the advertising revenue

From expenses to income!

Stop investing in yesterday's technology and let's install a revenue generator instead. Book an appointment with us and we will come out and look at your specific conditions and the possibilities you have.

Our Elevator Pitch

We have developed smart displays that can identify target groups and then adapt the message that is displayed. After a campaign, the advertiser receives unique statistics with gender distribution and age of those who have seen your message.

Do you want to collaborate with us?

Work is currently underway on our prototype, which will be tested live during September- October 2022.

Are you interested in starting a collaboration with us? Or would you like to work with us?


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