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We do not sell technology..

We create business opportunities!

BizLab Analytics challenges an outdated industry that focuses on mass communication. We are driven to do what no one has done before and now we have a product with a unique business model.

Our product can identify, adapt and ultimately display the message best suited to your target audience. We also provide valuable statistics for example how many women aged 35-45 have seen your ad.

Our journey begins now and so far we are alone on the starting line!

Paradigm shift   

The development of new technology has never been as fast as it is now, but it will at the same time never be this slow again.

Grocery store in the 50s

Hommemade billboards

The in-store marketing of the time was done with punchy slogans. High staffing in the store who could advise and guide the consumer

Grocery store today

Digital billboards

More stores are now switching to digital billboards, but the messages are still static, i.e. the poster has become digital without taking advantage of the opportunities that digital technology provides.

BizLab Analytics

From mass communication to targeted communication

80% of the purchase decision takes place close to the actual purchase in the store. We make it possible to show the ads that are relevant to your target group. You get statistics on exactly how many people that have seen your ad in real time.

Our Business Idea

We transform well-visited stores into a media channel


We pay

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Installation  


We run the system

  • Support

  • Administration

  • Statistics


We sell 

  • 5 digital ads / screen / week

  • Specific target group

  • Contact cost or fixed price

Our Vision

We shall be the most challenging company in media outside the home (DOOH) where we drive a shift from traditional advertising to AI-based communication.


Create and improve our customers business opportunities by providing a world-class interactive advertising experience
Magnus Hansson

For Investors

Bizlab Analytics is a startup whose vision is to create a real change in a stagnant industry. We succeed in achieving what the advertising industry has always strived for, being able to charge per contact. By using AI technology we know who looks at your ads, this convey into a goldmine of statistics through which it is possible to get to know your customer. Our belief is that real facts are the new gold..
Today we are alone on the starting line. Some other startups touch on our idea but don´t take it as far as we do. Are you interested in knowing more or maybe want to join our journey? We are happy to tell you more about our plans..

27 Billion USD

The forecast for the global market within Digital-out-of Home (DOOH) 2025.

44% fewer stores 2030

The forecast from the Swedish trade, those who succeed are those who work with smart digital solutions.

30% fewer employees 2030

More unmanned stores ans stores with few employees. This means also fewer people who can advise the consumer.

Board Members

Magnus Hansson

Chairman of the Board

Magnus is a typical entrepreneur with experience in startups, acquisitions and finally sales of companies. Today Magnus is active as a senior advisor to companies of various sizes who want to start a journey of change.

Antoni Aderlind


Antoni has extensive international experience from the basic industry, with a focus on purchasing and the supply chain. Antoni is driven by creating new business opportunities with new technology.

Annika Henriksson

Board member

Annika is process-focused, focusing on finance, accounting and HR. Annika has run and implemented certifications within ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and worked in data protection and GDPR

Leo Thorsell

Board member

Leo has over 20 years of experience in system development of fast scalable IT solutions. Leo is driven by developing what no one has done before. Leo also leads the team that manages our development

Our culture

We value integrity, excellence and an inclusive collaboration.

This means the following for us


  • We are long-term in all our decisions
  • We take risks, sometimes we fail and then we learn from it
  • We believe in openness


  • We work with everyone, regardless of gender, background or culture
  • Inclusive people
  • High performers


  • We do what no one has done before
  • We simplify as much as possible
  • We always test the business benefit with each new project

Contact Us

We would be happy to have a meeting with you, digitally or physically. Fill in your information and we will get back to you shortly.
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